Cop to Coder

Cop to coder. Not a conventional transition, but this transition is part of my long-term goal. My name is Jay Conner, and I have been a cop for twenty years. There’s not much I haven’t seen or done in this field, and I’m proud to continue serving with some of the most dedicated and professional members of my community. I am a long-term planner, and as I approach retirement from law enforcement I have decided to prepare myself for a second career in Information Technology.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I am a husband and father of three, living in Northern Virginia, in a community where the streets are lined with data centers and we eagerly await Amazon’s HQ2 being established nearby. My current role has me overseeing community oriented incarceration programs, including work programs and home incarceration.

So where does a guy like me turn to when faced with the monumental prospect of breaking into Information Technology full-time, as a long-term career goal? After a couple “false starts” with other online resources over the last couple years, I finally found TheOdinProject and have committed to sticking with it until the end of the Full Stack Developer curriculum. I decided that TheOdinProject is perfect for me because:

  • It’s online, so I can work at my own pace;
  • The curriculum covers essential tools such as Linux terminal, git and github;
  • It covers complicated material in an understandable way; and
  • It’s free!

I’ve already completed part of the curriculum now, but I will go back and highlight a few of my most significant experiences from the introductory course. Then, I will begin providing regular updates as I proceed into the more in-depth courses, such as Ruby, which I just started.

Jay Conner

Jay Conner

I’m a career law enforcement officer in Northern Virginia, pursuing studies in the Information Technology field to enhance my professional growth.

I have experience investigating white collar crimes, as well as supervising a team of detectives investigating violent crimes. I currently supervise some programs that facilitate smooth and successful transitions for incarcerated offenders preparing to reenter society.